Dr Dental – Apples Can Cause More Damage To Teeth Than Carbonated Drinks.


According to a new study the high acidity levels in apples can damage your teeth if eat slowly. That drinks most often associated with dietary erosion, such as cola, showed no increased risk. The study results emphasize that dietary advice should be targeted at strong acids rather than some of the commonly consumed soft drinks. People who ate apples were 3.7 times more likely to have dentine damage, while carbonated drink consumers had no additional risk.

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Dr Dental – Why a tooth can become sensitive after having a filling.


For some people their tooth can become sensitive for a days to weeks after having a filling. There are many reason why this can happen but the most common reason is that part of the tooth and all of the dental decay must be removed for a filling to be placed. In some cases, this procedure can cause sensitivity in the tooth. As a general rule, the deeper the cavity and closer to the tooth nerve, the more likely there will be discomfort after the dental procedure. If the pain last for over a week it is advise to go back to the dentist to have the tooth re-evaluated.

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Untreated Dental Abscess – Dr Dental


How Untreated Dental Abscess can be Dangerous. Dental infections and dental abscess need to be address right away. Poison from the dental infection can cause death if left untreated and it spreads throughout your body. Just how dangerous a dental abscess is will depend on how soon a person seeks treatment.

If a person waits until the gum is so swollen that they have difficulty breathing or opening their mouth, the situation is very serious. If the abscess is causing you dental pain you also need to see a dentist ASAP. It is never a good idea to delay dental care when deal with a dental infection.

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Abscess in My Gums – Dr Dental


A week or so ago my daughter hit my top lip under and cut my gum. Now it hurt to smile or eat anything too hot.  It is all red and I think I may have an abscess.  Should I try popping it myself or have it checked out.

Answer: Stay on the safe side and see a dentist about it.  An Oral abscess in not to be taken lightly and can start to cause you to have other dental issues if not address right away. Also a dentist will be able to prescribe you an antibiotic to help fight any infection if needed.

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Baby Teeth, Avoiding BBTD – Dr Dental


BBTD or Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is cause when a child is left with a baby bottle that has any liquid other the water.  To avoid  BBTD do not put your baby to bed with a bottle. Milk, formula, fruit juices and other such drink all have sugar in them.  If sugary liquids stay on your baby teeth for long periods of time it can lead to tooth decay.   Other habits to avoid would be giving your child bottle or sippy cup filled with sweet drinks to carry around with them throughout the day.  Teach your child to drink from a cup as soon as possible. (Normally around their first birthday.)

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Toothbrushes – Dr Dental


Choosing and using the correct toothbrush for you. Having and using the right tooth brush for your is an important consideration especially when you are using your toothbrush on your teeth at least twice a day. Here are some tips when picking out your next toothbrush. Using a toothbrush that has soft bristles is suggested in order to prevent scratching and damage of the gums. Toothbrush heads come in many different sizes.

Pick a toothbrush that best fits your mouth. M-shaped bristles brushes help to ensure that the bristles reach all tooth crevices. The M-shape ensures that the shape of the teeth is taken in to consideration to allow the bristles to reach all the gaps and remove the food particles collected. If possible try and pick a tooth brush that has a tongue cleaner on the back of the brush head.

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Oral Health Care for Your Tongue – Dr Dental


Oral health care at home does not stop at brushing and flossing your teeth. Many people forget about their tongue, however the tongue is a haven for most oral bacteria. By using a tongue cleaner you help to ensure proper and thorough cleaning of the accumulated bacteria, food particles and dead cells. Another reason to clean your tongue daily is that it will also ensure fresh breath.

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Snoring Ruining Your Relationship? – Dr Dental


Stephen Burch, DDS, of 3D Dental Solutions in McLean, Virginia, can Provide Sleep Solutions. Snoring and Sleep Apnea can effect your personal life as well as your overall health care. According to a report done by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM). An estimated 40% of adult men and 24% of adult women suffer from habitual snoring, In addition, the AADSM has found that 50% of snorers have Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea is a dangerous, life threatening disorder that affects nearly 20 million Americans. In addition 75% of people with TMD/TMJ have sleep apnea and 52% of sleep apnea sufferers have signs and symptoms of TMD. 3D Dental Solutions, which is located at 8270 Greensboro Drive Suite 101 McClean, Virginia, can answer your questions about your sleep disorder, sleep disorder symptoms and your sleep deficit. Dr Burch can provide patients with a solution to get tested, get treated and get the freedom to sleep better

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Dental Cavities – Dr Dental


Dental Cavities in Young Children on the Rise. A new studies suggest there is a increase of tooth decay in young children. Even with the beneficial effects of fluoride and increased dental care, the study suggests that the increased use of sugary drinks and food in young children may be the cause of the increase of tooth decay.

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Asking Questions – Dr Dental


Asking the right questions regarding your kids dental health care. Whether for your kids or yourself it is important to be able to communicate with the dentist. When dealing with your dental health there is no dumb questions, yet for some people they feel embarrassed to ask even simple questions to the dentist about the suggested treatment plan.

If you do not understand the recommended treatment plan the dentist is advising, make sure to ask questions until you do. You will feel much better and be able to make better decisions for yourself and your family. If you do not ask questions before dental services are start the dentist will think that you already understand the services and the cost for care.

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Dental Checkups are Important – Dr Dental


Kids dental checkup and why they are important. Twice a year dental checks are the standard but not always the rule. Many people see a dentist twice a year since most dental insurance plans provides for free preventive care which includes twice a year basic cleanings and check ups. How often you or your child go will depend on your oral health needs. The main goal with check ups is to catch small dental problems early on. Often this mean twice a year exams normally once every six months. Your dentist however depending on your dental needs may suggest you visit more or less depending on how well you take care of your teeth and gums.

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Kids Dental visits – Dr Dental


Question: Do you really need to take kids to the dentist every six months? I am wondering if it is really necessary to take kids to see a dentist every six months. This seems like overkill to me and just a way for the dentist to make more money. My kids go to the dentist once a year and so far are cavity free. Even for myself it been more like three years since I last seen a dentist but I do not have any dental issues to speak of. I do not have current dental insurance for my family right now but even if I did I do see going to the dentist twice a year as necessary.

Reply: Seeing a dentist twice a year (or once every six months) is best suggested in order to maintain good dental health care and catch any small dental issue before it becomes a larger one. What you chose if best for you and your family though is up to you.

However, if it is about cost you may like to know that most dental insurance plans provide preventive care, such as twice a year cleaning and check ups at little to no cost to you.

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Stress – Dr Dental


Is Stress Taking it’s Toll Out on Your Teeth. Stress can do more then just rattle your nerves. Stress can cause forgetfulness, lack of sleep, hair loss and headaches. However did you know it can also cause you to have dental problems. People that are under stress can tend to clench or grind their teeth. This can happen while you are awake or even in your sleep. Grinding or clenching your teeth over time can cause you to have dental problems such as the wear down of your teeth, cracking or braking of your teeth and even in some cases cause temporomandibular joint problems.

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Your Tongue and Bad Breath – Dr Dental


How your tongue can cause you to have bad breath. One often thinks of dental hygiene as daily brushing twice a day and flossing. However the tongue can often be over looked, even though it is a source of bacteria that can cause bad breath. When brushing your teeth gently brush your tongue and use a mouthwash that kills germs this will help keep your tongue clean as well as your breath fresh.

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Fast Food – Dr Dental


Children and the Consequences of eating Fast Food. Having fast food once in a while is not an issue per say, the problem comes to children that life revolves around Fast Food. Daily eating habits are important to not only your teeth but your overall health care. Food that gets stuck in between teeth and gums can cause tooth decay and gum issues which can lead to pain.

Dental pain can affect their school life disturbing their concentration and hindering their learning capacity. Eating too much fast food can result in obesity, diabetes and problems related to the heart. Studies have shown that obesity and diabetes can cause larger dental issues with teeth and gums. Bad teeth and gums in turn can also cause heart problems.

For young children still growing fast food normally lacks nutritional value and does not have enough calcium. Lack of calcium can cause harmful effects on new teeth coming in which could be unhealthy and lack strength. This is not to say have no fast food but to balance out your children diet and make sure proper dental hygiene is being followed.

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Dental Braces Options – Dr Dental


Dental Braces Options for Kids. Dental Braces are commonly use to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth. Braces are used in many cases of malocclusion such as open bite, deep bite, cross bite and other structural and cosmetic flaws. There are different types of braces depending on your needs and what is best advise by an Orthodontic dentist.

When people thing of traditional braces visions of stainless steel wire covering the full mouth with metal brackets. These types of braces are normally not the preferred option. Though these type of braces are now outdated they still present a more affordable dental option for those interested.

There are Ceramic Braces that are not as apparent as the more traditional braces but they are susceptible to damage by accidental blows or trauma. Lingual braces are fitted from behind the teeth so therefore not as apparent from the outside.

The more poplar braces are the Invisalings. Invisalign are clear braces resembling tooth color. They blend in with the teeth making them virtually invisible. Invisalign are removable enabling the wearer to snap them on and off when required

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Dr Dental – What can Happen When Children do not Learn to Floss.


The reason why flossing is important is that it helps to remove plaque lodged between the teeth. As plaque hardens it turns into tartar which can only be removed by a oral hygienist or dentist. Tartar harbors bacteria which produces acids which can damage your gums and cause swelling and bleeding. This is a condition known as gingivitis. Gingivitis if left untreated can lead to periodontal disease which eventually causes bone deterioration and tooth loss.

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Dr Dental The Benefits of Flossing.


Studies suggest that even in a well developed country such as United States of America only 12% floss their teeth daily. That many people are not aware of the necessity of flossing. Many people sadly believe that regular brushing is enough to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

However this is not the case. In a recent study of 51 twins one set of twins was instructed to just brush where the other set of twins was to brush and floss. Their dental health was examined before and after the study. The study results showed the group that flossed had 38% fewer bleeding gum sites than before the intervention and overall gum bleeding improved by an average of 42% If your child is only brushing their teeth then they are only cleaning their teeth about 65% leaving 35% dirty. Make sure your children are brushing and flossing daily for proper dental health care habits.

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Brushing Effectively – Dr Dental


Teaching your kids to brush their teeth effectively. Knowing how to brush effectively is important in having proper dental care habits. When first learning how to brush their teeth on their own, kids tend not to brush correctly. Therefore dental decay issues may still arise. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is the standard advise. Though some dental experts recommend brushing after every meal whenever possible. The standard brushing time is at least three minutes. For children that can seem like a very long time so here are some tips.

If you have a fun kitchen timer that they like you can set it for three minutes. Another option is to play a song on the radio. There are kids friendly stations like Radio Disney average song time is 3 1/2 minutes. Teach your child to thoroughly brush their teeth. Show them to brush along the gum line, and to angle the toothbrush slightly towards the gums. It can be hard to tell but try your best to tell them not to brush too roughly. Get them focus on cleaning every tooth surface and teach them to gentle brush their tongue to scrape off bacteria that can cause bad breath. You want to replace their toothbrush every three to four months. If need be have their dentist show them how to brush their teeth at their dental check up.

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Dental Check Up – Dr Dental


Making Sure Your Child is Getting the Most Out of Their Dental Checkup. There are steps you can take to make sure you child is getting the most out of their dental checkups. Since their oral health is also closely related to their over all health care make sure to communicate with their dentist any concerns or problems they are having. Your child dentist should know about any new health problems they may have since the last visit. As an example diabetes effects teeth and gum health. You may want to make a list of any medication or supplement to take to the dentist, since some medication and supplements can effective teeth health. It is important to let your child dentist know ahead of time if they have any dental anxiety. Dental fears are common in children and most dentist can work to make your child more comfortable during the checkup process. Lastly talk to your child dentist about any changes you may have notice with your child teeth or gums. The sooner the dentist know about pain, sensitivity, or a suspicious you may have notice, the earlier he or she can diagnose and treat it.

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