Coffee – Dr Dental 


Drinking coffee may affect your teeth. 

Coffee drinkers may know that drinking coffee over time can stain your teeth. However, did you know you have a high risk of tooth decay depending on how fast you drink your coffee? For people that drink latte or coffee with milk, sipping and being a slow drinker exposes your teeth to lactose or milk sugar, giving the bacteria in the mouth a flood of raw fuel metabolize. (Similar to what happens with Baby Bottle Tooth Decay ) Try drinking your latte or coffee with milk within 15 minutes. However, if you want to nurse your drink, drink some water or chew sugarless gum to help neutralize the acids in your mouth.

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Dr. Dental – Daily Dental Care


Daily Dental Care Habits Like Brushing & Flossing Protects Your Body in Unexpected Ways. 

New research from Yale University School of Medicine shows a link between increased levels of mouth bacteria and pneumonia and other inflammatory lung conditions. Other studies over the past have also demonstrated a link between poor oral health care and heart disease. Good oral health habits and a healthy mouth are also crucial to health care.

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Dental Fillings – Dr Dental


Having filling done that may be optional. 

According to a New York Time story, with today’s new detection technology, dentists are picking up what’s known as “micro-cavities, ” and some dentists encourage their patients to have them filled. But is that necessary? 

A story in Times talked about a college student who never had any cavities but was surprised to hear from a new dentist that she needed several filled. She had the work done and paid $500.00 for the dental services. However, when she went home and saw her family dentist, they stated that the cavities were so small they did not need treatment. 

There are differences of opinion on this matter. While some dentists feel they are taking a proactive strategy to protect patients from harm, critics say the procedures are unnecessary and drive up dental care costs. Remember that you can always get a second opinion if you feel you are told about cavities that exceed your regular dental care average.

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Dr. Dental – Miss Using Your Teeth


Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools. 

I am sure many people at one time or another use their teeth to open a wrapper or to bite off a stubborn tag on a new shirt. However, if you want to keep your teeth looking great, then stop using your teeth as tools. Using your teeth in such a way can damage your teeth. You can easily crack or chip your teeth or cause poor jaw alignment by wearing down your teeth unevenly. You also want to avoid using your teeth as hands. 

Do not hold items in your mouth even for a short time. Do not chew on things such as pens and pencils. Do not chew on your ice, as you can chip your tooth. Chewing on ice, using your teeth to crack open nuts, or biting your fingernails can all lead to distorted teeth.

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Dr. Dental – Dental Fears


Tricks That May Help Relieve Dental Fears

If you fear going to the dentist, know you are not alone. Due to dental fears, 5 to 8 percent of Americans will not go to the dentist, whereas another 20 percent will go only when necessary. Studies by scientists at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, suggest two factors in helping manage dentist-related stress: optimism and humor. They found that when patients went in for visits with a feeling of optimism and the dentists’ offices had an atmosphere of humor, patients were much less likely to have fearful, stressful visits. So when addressing your dental fears, go to the dentist with optimism. Such as reminding yourself how much better you will feel afterward.

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Dr Dental – Yellow Teeth


How to Whiten Yellow Teeth

Many people want bright white teeth, so having yellowing teeth can sometimes be embarrassing and, at times, affect your self-esteem. You can use many simple dental care methods to maintain white teeth. Essential dental habits help support not only your dental health but white teeth. 

Brush and floss twice a day. Brush your teeth after having drinks that can stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, soda, and so on. There are much over-the-counter toothpaste and mouthwash that help to whiten your teeth. You can also use sugar-free whitening gums or over-the-counter whitening strips. When these simple methods do not work or give you the results you are looking for, you may want to go to your dentist to see what your whitening treatment options would be through them.

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Dr Dental – Decrease your risk of Heart Attack


Decrease your risk of Heart Attack by having Professional Dental cleaning. 

There has been enough study and evidence to help prove that having poor dental health (bad teeth and gum) increases your risk of health issues like heart disease. However, the good news is that seeing your dentist regularly for your general cleaning, which most dental insurance plans offer for free, will help keep your teeth and gums healthy and reduce your risk of other health issues.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Dr Dental


Cosmetic Dentistry provides a great range of dental services.

Cosmetic dentistry is more than just having dental implants. For people with teeth loss, damaged teeth, or broken or chipped teeth, a cosmetic dentist may be the right choice. Cosmetic dentistry can include Invisalign, Dental Implants, Veneers, Bonding, Teeth Whitening, Facial Aesthetics, and Crowns. If you have dental issues that you need to address beyond a general dentist, you may wish to seek an consult with a cosmetic dentist

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Periodontal Disease – Dr Dental


Signs that may be telling you that you have periodontal disease. 

After reading this, you see two or more of these signs of periodontal disease. You may want to see a dentist to confirm your dental health. 

  •  Red and Swollen Gums
  •  Bad Breath
  •  Bleeding gums when brushing and flossing your teeth
  •  A constant bad taste in your mouth
  •  Receding gums and Tooth Loss. 

Your dentist should check these signs. Links to periodontal disease and other health issues have been found, and by maintaining healthy gums, you also help to maintain your overall health care.

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Healthy Teeth – Dr Dental


Having Healthy Teeth Are Important. 

Having poor teeth and gum health can affect your overall health care. Maintaining your gums and teeth health is essential in maintaining good overall health care. When you do not adequately care for your teeth and gums, plaque and tartar can easily build up. Numerous problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss can happen when this happens. From there, other health problems can arise, like heart disease and strokes. For diabetes patients, it is most important to maintain healthy teeth and gums because, in this case, you have more chance of developing periodontal disease.

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Tooth Decay – Dr Dental


Some children are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay. 

Some children are more vulnerable to tooth decay the others. To maintain good dental and oral health, here are some suggestions. You want to be able to provide a good diet throughout their childhood. Make sure to brush your child’s teeth until they can (around six to seven years of age). Supervise your child to make sure they are brushing and flossing twice a day. For babies, never put a baby to bed with a baby bottle filled with anything more the water, and never dip pacifiers in honey or syrup. The American Dental Association suggest that a baby should see a dentist before their first birthday when they cut their first tooth. Proper dental habits at home and seeing a dentist will help keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy.

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Healthy Gums – Dr Dental


Simple things you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy. 

Most people know that brushing and flossing are the daily tips for maintaining teeth and gum health. However, there are other ways to help keep teeth and gum healthy. A well-balanced diet provides the minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients essential for healthy teeth and gums. Fluoride, occurring naturally in foods and water, or added to the water supply, can be a powerful tool in fighting decay. It can reduce the rate of cavities by as much as 60 percent.

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Dental Disease – Dr Dental


Are you passing dental disease to your kids? 

Like health problems like cholesterol and high blood pressure, parents can also pass on bad breath and dental disease. Cavities are not genetic, but oral bacteria that cause dental diseases are contagious. Parents who share utensils, drink out of the same cup, kiss, or share toothbrushes with children can spread bacteria into their children’s mouths. Children can also spread the bacteria amongst themselves by mouthing the same toys. Establishing good oral health care habits is very important for you and your family’s dental care

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Dr Dental – Smiles for Everyone


What is Smiles for Everyone?

Smiles for Everyone has a mission to provide free dental care to those in need, both in the US and worldwide. They provide free dental services to underserved and marginalized communities.

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Dental Clinics – Dr Dental


Are Dental clinics suitable for low-income families?

Dental clinics are an excellent way to get free to low-cost dental care when needed. They can be hard to find in your area, but your state or local health department may know of free or reduced-cost dental care programs.

Low-Income Individual Dental Insurance – Dr Dental


Looking for a Low-Income Individual Dental Insurance Plan.

I only work odd jobs when I can find them, which has been rare lately. I have bad teeth that I have been putting up with for a few years now since I can not afford to have dental care. Are there any low-income dental plans I could get that will help me?

Reply: You should review HMO insurance plan options as they are typically more affordable, running around $7.00 – $20.00 a month.

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Individual Dental Insurance Alternatives – Dr Dental.


Question: I have been looking for dental insurance for myself, but I am quickly finding out that the plans I see online are just costly for me now. I would like to know if getting a low-cost dental discount plan is a good alternative to dental insurance.

Reply: Dental Discount plans do work to help you save money on your dental care at plan providers of the program. It is much like having a coupon for your dental care. You should also review any HMO insurance plans as they are the lower-cost option.

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Best Dental Insurance – Dr Dental


Question: How Do I Find the Best Dental Insurance Plan?

Reply: This is a question that always comes up, but I will tell you there is no one sure answer. The reason is that no one knows the condition of your teeth except you and your dentist. The second thing is what “best” means to you. Is it the best price or deductible, or maybe you need coverage for orthodontics? Using the website to compare dental plans would be your best start. That way, you will have many dental plans to compare to your dental care needs. 


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Short-Term Dental Insurance – Dr Dental


Short-Term Dental Insurance 

Question: Right now, I have a toothache, but with my job, I will not receive my dental benefits until another four months. I would like to find dental insurance on a short-time basis. I have been trying to hold out until my benefits kick in at work, but I can’t make it. Do you have any dental plans I do not have to keep for a year or more?   

Reply: Most insurance plans you pay monthly will let you cancel the insurance with a 30 notice. For example, if you want to cancel your plan on April 1st, you need to send the request to cancel by March 1st so the company can cancel in April. With that said, you want to avoid any PPO insurance plans as they will typically have waiting periods that will affect your immediate dental care needs. 

Dental Care – Dr Dental


Expose your kids early on to dentistry care. 

The American Dental Association advise a child should see a dentist by the time they are one or before their first birthday. Even though this is the best advice, many children do not see a dentist until they are much older. Having your child see a pediatric dentist early on can help avoid dental fear later on in life.

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