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Short-Term Dental Insurance – Dr Dental

Short-Term Dental Insurance 

Question: Right now, I have a toothache, but with my job, I will not receive my dental benefits until another four months. I would like to find dental insurance on a short-time basis. I have been trying to hold out until my benefits kick in at work, but I can’t make it. Do you have any dental plans I do not have to keep for a year or more?   

Reply: Most insurance plans you pay monthly will let you cancel the insurance with a 30 notice. For example, if you want to cancel your plan on April 1st, you need to send the request to cancel by March 1st so the company can cancel in April. With that said, you want to avoid any PPO insurance plans as they will typically have waiting periods that will affect your immediate dental care needs. 

Dental Care – Dr Dental

Expose your kids early on to dentistry care. 

The American Dental Association advise a child should see a dentist by the time they are one or before their first birthday. Even though this is the best advice, many children do not see a dentist until they are much older. Having your child see a pediatric dentist early on can help avoid dental fear later on in life.

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Dr Dental – Oral Health and Depression

Oral Health and Depression in the Homeless. 

According to Scottish researchers, homeless people with tooth decay or missing teeth are more prone to depression than those with healthy teeth. The study was done on about 850 homeless. The research found that people with poorer dental health were more likely to be depressed. In addition, homeless people with decayed and missing teeth also tended to have a lower quality of life and more dental anxiety. Both of these could lead to depression, said the authors.

Dr Dental – Dental Sealants are Still Underused by Dentists.

A study suggests that more dentists should be using dental sealants to help protect back teeth. Temple University’s dental school researchers who did the study surveyed 595 general dentists and 176 pediatric dentists. The dentist was asked whether they would use sealants on teeth with different signs of early decay. They also were asked how they felt about using sealants with different groups of people. In 2008 the ADA endorsed the use of sealants n teeth with the earliest stages of decay. In these stages, a molar or premolar is discolored on its chewing surface, but the tooth has no cavity yet. Research has shown that sealing teeth like this can prevent cavities. However, the new survey found that many dentists need to learn about the ADA panel’s advice or the dentist that does know disagree with it. It also shows that Pediatric dentists were more likely to follow the recommendations than a general dentists. This study appears in the September issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association.

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Health Concerns – Dr Dental

Gum Disease is an Emerging Health Concern. 

Two more studies have strengthened the evidence linking periodontal disease with other health conditions. One study focused on atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The researchers took samples of diseased arteries from 53 people. They also took samples of healthy arteries from 21 other people. They tested the arteries for bacteria that cause periodontal disease. The study found that 53% of the diseased arteries had periodontal bacteria in them, and only 24% of the healthy ones did. The other study focused on people with type 2 diabetes which included 60 people. Twenty had periodontal disease and diabetes. Another 20 had the periodontal disease but not diabetes. The last 20 had diabetes but not a periodontal disease. People with diabetes and periodontal disease had higher blood sugar levels and poorer blood-sugar control than people who had diabetes only. The people with both conditions also had more of a protein called C-reactive protein. Higher levels reflect more inflammation in the body. This group also had the lowest levels of HDL. The study is in the October issue of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

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Gum Disease – Dr Dental

Gum Disease may put Seniors at risk for Kidney Problems

According to Japanese researchers, older adults with more gum inflammation are at risk for kidney problems. The study was on 317 people who were all 75 years old. At the start of the study, each person had an oral exam. The researchers calculated how much of each person’s gum tissue was inflamed. They Followed the people for two years. During that time, 45 of them developed kidney problems. Those with the most inflammation were more than twice as likely to develop kidney problems as those in the study. Other studies have suggested a link between periodontal disease and kidney disease. A 2010 study focused on people with both conditions. It found that periodontal treatment also improved kidney disease symptoms. This study appears in the October 14th issue of the American Journal of Kidney Diseases.

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Dry Mouth – Dr Dental

Dry Mouth is more common in those over the age of 50. 

A long-term study suggests that Dry Mouth is common in those over fifty, particularly older women. In the Swedish study, which started in 1992, researchers sent questionnaires to every 50-year-old in 2 Swedish counties. Fifteen years later, they sent the same questions to every 65-year-old in those counties. They also sent them to a sample of 75-year-olds. The study showed that dry Mouth was more common in women than in men in every age group. The authors speculate that the higher prevalence of dry Mouth in women may result from decreased saliva production in the Mouth following menopause. Dry Mouth occurred more often as people got older and more at night than during the day

Healthy Teeth and Gums – Dr Dental

Keep your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Did you know that your diet can play a significant role in the health of your teeth and gums? Here are some tips suggested by the American Dental Association (ADA) for maintaining teeth and gums healthy. Limit the number of sodas and fruit drinks sweetened with sugar, and limit your consumption of cookies, candies, cakes, and other desserts with added sugar. Eat nutritious snacks that are low in sugar. Brush and floss daily and drink water often throughout the day.

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Denture Care – Dr Dental

Keeping your Dentures Clean. 

It is vital to keep your dentures clean to help maintain a healthy mouth. The ADA suggests how to take care of dentures properly. Dentures are fragile, so ensure you hold them over something soft such as a towel, while cleaning them. You want to make sure you thoroughly brush your dentures daily using a denture brush or soft-bristled toothbrush to remove food particles and plaque. Clean your dentures with gentle hand soap or mild dish detergent. Never with bleach or abrasive powdered cleaners. Store your dentures in water or a dental cleansing solution in a safe place and out of reach of kids and pets.

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Dental Fear – Dr Dental

An Innovative Device Helps to Combat the Fear of the Dentist Drill

Dental fear is a significant issue that prevents many people from getting and receiving the necessary dental care needed for good oral health care. A new innovative device that helps to cancel out the noise of the dental drill could help end some people’s anxiety and fears about going to the dentist. The device prototype works similarly to noise-canceling headphones but is designed to deal with the very high pitch of the dental drill. Simply plugging the device into an MP3 player or mobile phone and then plugging the headphones into the machine allows a person to listen to their music while completely blocking out the unpleasant sound of the drill and suction equipment. The patient will still be able to hear the dentist and other dental team members speaking to them, but the device filters out different unwanted sounds.

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Teeth Whitening – Dr Dental

Tooth Whitening at beauty salons and clinics can be Dangerous

Dentists warn consumers about the safety of tooth whitening, now being offered at many beauty salons and clinics. The risk of teeth whitening procedure is manifold when it is performed by unqualified staff. The BDA and the General Dental Council have both reiterated that tooth whitening should be done only by registered dental practitioners.

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Dr Dental – Mathematics and Dental Care

Mathematics is helping to provide better attachment for dental crowns. 

Researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology are developing a new method for determining exactly how to prepare a tooth to place a crown on it optimally. The technique will improve the quality and reliability of crown replacements and result in significantly cheaper and faster dental treatment. Dentists will soon benefit from a computer program produced by a group of researchers at Chalmers. The researchers are now planning to run clinical tests. The software is based on advanced mathematical models and state-of-the-art visualization technology.

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Dr Dental – Proper Preventive Dental Care for Babies.

Parents Providing Proper Preventive Dental Care for Babies. 

Proper preventive dental care for babies starts with the parents. Many people did not feel baby teeth were all that important in the past. People are now beginning to fully understand baby teeth’ role in a child’s development. Baby teeth serve many functions. Such as allowing for proper jaw growth, baby teeth assist in the formation of appropriate speech, and they are space savers for adult teeth to come in correctly. Untreated tooth decay in baby teeth can lead to premature loss of teeth and affect the development of adult teeth.

Parents must start good oral health habits for their babies right from the start. Make sure to clean your baby’s gums even before emerging baby teeth. When baby teeth start to come in, make sure to brush and clean both teeth and gums. If you are unsure about the proper way, then take your baby to see a dentist. The dentist can show you how to clean and care for your child’s teeth and gums. The days of children not seeing a dentist until they are two or older are long gone. It would be best if you took your child to see a dentist when they cut their first tooth or by their first birthday.

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Dr Dental and Proper Dental Care for Cancer Patients.

Cancer Patients and why Receiving Proper Dental Care is Important

Cancer treatment can consist of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Cancer therapy may have side effects, some of which can be devastating but preventable or manageable with proper precautions and care. The most common side effects for head and neck cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy are: 

  • Dry Mouth 
  • Post Radiation Tooth Decay
  • Inability to open the mouth wide
  • Necrosis of soft tissue and bone and Impaired ability to heal from wounds in the oral cavity. 

When fighting cancer, you should talk to your dentist and ensure you receive proper dental care.

Children Dental Care – Dr Dental

Making sure your child is covered. 

Many U.S. children only see the dentist occasionally. Even though most parents know that dental and oral healthcare is essential, one reason for this is that many people do not receive dental benefits through their employers. They feel that they can not afford private dental insurance. Some lower-income people state even with dental care benefits, their co-pay for dental care is still too costly for them to afford. However, dental care for children must not be out of reach. Many people need to learn all the resources that are available to them.

In most states, there is low-cost dental insurance plan (such as HMOs) with affordable co-pays. Also, most of these dental insurance plans offer free preventive care, which is more the half the battle when it comes to oral health care. If even the more affordable, lower-cost dental insurance plans are still too costly, then use your state resources: Each state across the USA has a particular program for kids from low-income families. Under the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), each qualified kid that falls under its income requirement bracket is either covered for free or provided a low-cost insurance

Choosing a Dentist for Your Child

How do You find the Best Dentist for Your Child? 

Dental professionals stress the importance of taking your child for a dental checkup at least twice a year (once every six months.) Many parents worry about finding the best dentist for their children, especially for children ages 1-6, since it is sometimes difficult to find a dental professional who knows how to behave with younger children. 

Here are some tips that may help you find the right dentist for your child.

  • Consider recommendations of the pediatric dentist from other mothers. 
  • Go to the dental office and talk to the dentist. You can take your child in for a consultation if everything is alright. 
  • If you have dental insurance, find out if it covers specialists. Since pediatric dentists are specialists, you want to ensure you have benefits for specialists under your plan. 
  • If this is your child’s first dental appointment, let the dentist know that is the case. Most pediatric dentists keep their waiting room kid friendly. Which will help the child stay in a good mood and make them feel like going to the dentist is a fun place to be.
Dr Dental – Sports Drinks

Drink Less Sugar. Sugar consumption is at an all-time high. 

Sports drinks and sodas may taste good, but they can wreak havoc on teeth. The American Dental Association is prompting their members who participated in focus groups to name sports drinks and sodas as culprits of dental decay and disease.

Baby’s First Dental Appointment – Dr Dental

A Pediatric dentist’s dental office helps to explain what a new parent should expect at their baby’s first dental appointment. It is advised that a baby should have their first dental visit around the age of one. Pediatric dentists are specialized in child psychology, and the first dental visit should be a positive experience for your child. It is also a time for the parent to ask questions about teething and oral health care. The dentist will be able to go over brushing techniques. The first visit is when the parents and dentist can set the tone for future dental visits.

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Posture and Dental Care – Dr Dental

If You Have Frequent Headaches and Pain in Your Lower jaw, Check Your Posture. 

People who experience frequent headaches or pain between the earlobe and jawline should consult their dentist about TMD. Poor posture will often place the spine in a position that may cause stress to the jaw joints. When you slouch or hunch over, your lower jaw shifts forward, causing the upper and lower teeth not to fit together correctly. Your skull also moves back to the spinal column, which may cause headaches. Poor posture puts stress on muscles, joints, and bones. Good posture is essential, and it is just as important to realize how posture can affect oral health.

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Dr Dental – Prescriptions

When will a Dentist Prescribe Medication? 

A dentist will prescribe medications for several reasons. You may get a prescription to help prevent infections after surgical procedures like tooth extractions and gum surgery. A dentist may also prescribe pain medications after major dental work, such as tooth extractions and gum surgery. Though usually, a prescription for pain pills is only for a few days


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