Dr Dental – Dentist use Math for better Attachment Crowns


Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology are developing a new method for determining exactly how to optimally prepare a tooth to place a crown on it. The method will be able to improved quality and reliability of the crown replacements as well as result in significantly cheaper and faster dental treatment.

Dentists will soon be able to benefit from a computer program being produced by a group of researchers at Chalmers, the researchers are now planning to run clinical tests. The software is based on advanced mathematical models and on state-of-the-art visualization technology

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Dentist, Vision Care Provider in an HMO Plan.


I been looking for both dental and vision for my family. Since I need to have both plans be affordable I have been looking at the HMO options. How do I go about choosing a provider within HMO dental and vision plans? I new to the area we are in and not sure about what to look for or to ask. What to make sure we get good care provided to us.

Reply: We do offer affordable HMO insurance plan options for dental on this website as for Vision we also offer vision to review our vision options please visit our vision website at http://www.bestvisioninsurance.com

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Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia Preventing Proper Dental Care.


Question: I am 26 with major dental issues that need to be address but because of my dental anxieties and dental phobia can do not see a dentist. I not sure want to do about this. My teeth are starting to hurt but even the dental pain I am in does not get me into a dental office. I had such bad past experiences from being treated as a kid that I fear going to a dentist now. I do not want my teeth to get any worse but I do not know how to address this issue and get the needed dental care.

Reply: You will want to make a dental appointment as your teeth will only get worse without proper dental care treatment. Let them know from the start you have dental fears so they can help you with calming your fears

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Flossing Dental Care


Flossing is one of the easiest things you can do for good Dental Health but is often left undone.

It may be hard to believe but many people still do not floss. Flossing is even more important then brushing when it comes to preventing gum disease gingivitis and tooth loss. Flossing your teeth is not so much about removing food bit that are such between your gums though it does do that. Flossing is more about removing dental plaque. Dental plaque is what causes tooth decay, gingivitis and gum disease. Flossing every day between each tooth is an effective way to remove plaque and provide you with good oral health.

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Correcting Cross-bite in Children with Fixed Appliances


Fixed appliances maybe the best and cheapest way to correct cross-bite in children. In a study done by Sofia Petrén, a dentist and orthodontic specialist at the Department of Orthodontics at Malmo University in Sweden, it shows that society could save millions on crowns each year if more children were fitted with fixed appliances.

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Why a Tooth can Become Sensitive after Having a Filling.


For some people their tooth can become sensitive for a days to weeks after having a filling. There are many reason why this can happen but the most common reason is that part of the tooth and all of the dental decay must be removed for a filling to be placed.

In some cases, this procedure can cause sensitivity in the tooth. As a general rule, the deeper the cavity and closer to the tooth nerve, the more likely there will be discomfort after the dental procedure. If the pain last for over a week it is advise to go back to the dentist to have the tooth re-evaluated.

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Is Your Tongue Causing you to Have Bad Breath.


One often thinks of dental hygiene as daily brushing twice a day and flossing. However the tongue can often be over looked, even though it is a source of bacteria that can cause bad breath. When brushing your teeth gently brush your tongue and use a mouthwash that kills germs this will help keep your tongue clean as well as your breath fresh.

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Possible Obesity Link to Periodontitis.


In a Study done by the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, Oral Health Institute, lead author Romina Perri, conducted a pilot investigation to determine whether obesity or periodontal disease modified microRNA expression and whether there was any potential interaction between obesity and periodontitis that could involve microRNA modulation.

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Tooth Whitening at Beauty Salons and Clinics can be Dangerous.


Dentists warn consumers about the safety of tooth whitening, now being offered at many beauty salons and clinics. The risk of teeth whitening procedure is manifold when it is performed by unqualified staff. The BDA and the General Dental Council have both reiterated that tooth whitening should be carried out only by registered dental practitioners.

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Poor Oral Health Tied To Chronic Disease


Studies show a lack of regular dental care increases their risk of chronic diseases and a reduced quality of life. Poor oral health can contribute to many serious medical conditions as well as affect a person’s ability to chew and digest food properly. With dental services not covered under the universal health-insurance program and many older adults not visiting dentists regularly, the study findings suggest that there should be more thought given into services provided to seniors

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Scaling And Root Planing Dental Care


Question: I was told by the dentist I saw that since I have not been to a dentist in over three years that I will need Scaling and Root Planing. I was shock to hear the cost that they wanted to charge for such a dental service. I told him I would need to think about it.

It not that I think the dentist is trying to rip me off but I do not have over $600 to pay for the dental care they are telling me I need. Is there any dental insurance plan that I can get that will at least cut this bill in half making it more affordable for me.

Reply: I would suggest that you review our dental HMO insurance plan options we provide on this website as a way to make your current dental care more affordable. If you have any questions please call our office at 310-534-3444 M-F 4-8

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Insurance Coverage with Orthodontic Care


Before having orthodontic care check your dental insurance plan to under stand your coverage’s.

Many dental insurance plans are limited in the coverage provided for orthodontic services. Such as some dental insurance plan may only cover minors up to age 19, where others plans may limitations the amount they cover up too or the type of braces that are covered. Understanding your plans benefits for orthodontic care will prevent any unexpected surprises later.

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Preventative Measures Paves the way to Tackling Gum Disease.


The unexpected findings could pave the way for the development of preventative measures in tackling gum, by manipulating the normal bacteria in the same way that probiotic yoghurt works to protect the intestine.Researchers at Queen Mary’s Blizard Institute, including Medical Research Council Clinical Research Training Fellow Mark Payne, worked with scientists in the US; they published their findings in the journal Cell Host and Microbe.

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Handling Dentures with Proper Care


It is important to know that dentures are fragile and they should be handle carefully to avoid braking them.

Dentures do not like being droop and there is a high chance that they will brake when you do. So make sure to be careful when cleaning them.

A good idea is when cleaning your dentures stand on a soft towel or rug so if you do accidentally drop them the chances are lower that they will brake. You want to make sure the sink is full of water when cleaning so that if you do drop them they are safe

You can wrap your dentures in a hand towel or keep them in their hard cover case when you are moving around your house with your dentures. As soon as you are finish cleaning your dentures and you want to put them aside make sure you keep them soaked in warm or cold water or in your denture solution.

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Finding a Good Dental for Orthodontic Services.


Question: I just found out that my current dental insurance plan I get though my employer does not offer benefits for adult braces. I had my dental benefits for the past three years and I just assumed it would have benefits for adult orthodontic care. Now that I finding out it does not I am hoping to find a good dental insurance plan that will.

Reply: We do offer HMO’s dental plans though California Dental that does have Orthodontic care for adults. You can review all our dental insurance options on our website if you have any questions please call us at 310-534-3444 M-F 8-4

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Dental care for Dentures Dos and Don’t when not in use.


Dos: When you are not wearing you dentures keep them in cool water or dentist advise denture solution

Keep your dentures safe from small kids and dogs. Small kids love to play with most anything they find. Dentures in a child hands tends to not hold up well. Also pets like dogs may find your dentures if they are not kept in a safe place and then you may as well start saving your money for a new set of dentures.

Make sure you see your dentist for any alignments and or adjustments as necessary.

Don’t: Do not use hot water or put them in a dry place as this can cause your dentures to warp or dry out. Making them ill fitting

Do not put your dentures in a paper towel as not only will a paper towel absorb the moisture but it can be mistaken for trash and be toss out.

In conclusion making sure you take good care of your dentures will make them last long and therefore save you money from having to get new ones sooner then necessary

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Dr Dental – Bad Breath


What Bad Breath May be Telling You. Our mouth is home to thousands of germs and bacteria so is there any wonder that our breath may not be so fresh from time to time. Food and drinks can have an immediate effect on our breath though not normally long lasting. what you should take note of is when you have bad breath that lasts more then a day or keeps coming back shortly after brushing your teeth.  Bad breath can be a sign of other oral issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease or dry mouth. See a dentist if you are worried about what you bad breath may be telling you.

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Dr Dental – Bone-Regenerating Protein


Bone-regenerating protein could help to improve the success of dental implant. Researchers keep finding better ways to help build up bone in the jaw that is too thin to support the anchoring of dental implants. Studies using bone inducing proteins could help to improve dental implant success in cases where bone-loss presents a challenge, according to Georgia Health Sciences University.

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Dr Dental – Smoking


Smoking Harmful to Healthy Bacteria in the Mouth. No real surprise that smoking can cause yet another health issue. According to a New Study, smoking causes the body to turn against its own helpful bacteria, leaving smokers more vulnerable to oral disease. The mouth of a healthy person contains a stable ecosystem of healthy bacteria, however research on the mouth of a smoker shows a much more chaotic, diverse ecosystem which is much more susceptible to invasion by harmful bacteria.

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Dr Dental – The Signs of Periodontal Disease.


The early stages of periodontal disease show few warning signs or symptoms. Many people go unaware of a periodontal problem until their gums become soft and bleed slightly when they brush their teeth. As the periodontal disease progresses, there are more-serious changes, a person would start to notice.

Some of these signs are: Swollen gums, bright red gums, Tender gums, gums that pull away form the tooth (receding gums), Gaps or spaces developing between your teeth, persistent bad breath or bad taste in your mouth and any loose teeth. Prevent periodontal disease by having good dental care habits at home and by seeing your dentist regularly.

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